Van Holtens Warheads Extreme Sour Dill Pickle Super Sour Pickle Kits Challenge

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Have you seen the Warheads Sour Pickle Challenge that’s gone viral on TikTok?! If you’re game to try it, this pre made kit is perfect!

Our Warheads Super Sour Pickle Kit

903531 1 x War Heads Double Drops (Flavours picked at random)

900852 1 x Fini Roller Extra Roll

900565 1 x War Heads Sour Spray (Flavours picked at random)

932490 1 x War Heads Popping Candy Blue Raspberry Flavoured

932414 1 x War Heads Popping Candy Watermelon Flavoured

931295 1 x War Heads Pickle

Please note that should any of the listed products not be in stock at the time of purchase, the missing item will be replaced with similar branded products to the same value.