Van Holtens Garlic Pickle Garlic & Spicy Pickle Kit : Mango Powder, Chamoy Liquid, Skwinkles, Zumba Hot Chilli Powder

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Van Holten's Holtens Garlic Joe Zesty Garlic Pickle 1 Per Pack Our “Zesty” pickle always gives 110%. This self-proclaimed health fanatic never seems to leave the gym, but his bold nature makes him a hit on the beach, on the trail or wherever he can show off his dimpled physique pickle has just the right amount of zip-a-dee-doo-dah! with a punch of spicy in this pickle kit !!

917960 1 X Garlic Pickle Pouch

930485 1 X Skwinkles

906226 1 X Zumba Hot Chilli Powder

930493 1 X Mango Powder

930489 1 X Chamoy Liquid 

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