Van Holten's Holtens Kosher Pickle Garlic & Spicy Pickle Kit : 3x Jolly Rancher Roll ups, Mango Powder, Chamoy Liquid, Skwinkles , Watermelon Powder

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Van Holten's Holtens Sour Sis Tart & Tangy Flavour 1 Pickle Per Pack Our “Puckered” pickle is the life of the party. Despite her name, she brings smiles to the faces of everyone she meets. This free spirit lives to hit the open road and loves life on the go.! with a punch of spicy in this pickle kit !!

3 X Jolly Rancher Roll Ups 

917959 1 X Kosher Pickle Pouch

930485 1 X Skwinkles

930489 1 X Chamoy Liquid

930493 1 X Mango Powder

931531 1 x Watermelon Powder